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2020 NBA Draft Review

by | Nov 23, 2020 | Sports

This year’s 2020 NBA Draft was one like no another, just like the rest of the year. For starters usually the NBA Draft is in June, after the season ended. Although since the NBA ended much later this year, the draft was just earlier this week. Another huge difference came in the form of the NCAA basketball season being cut short, without a March Madness tournament. This meant that the true capability of the prospects was not quite known, which made it even more interesting. Now that the players have been drafted, they have an extremely quick turnaround with the restart of the NBA slated for earlier 2021. Nonetheless, although the circumstances are much different, it actually made the 2020 NBA Draft even more exciting than normal.

Prior to the draft there was a lot of talk about the first overall pick, as always. However, this year it was not a lock, and people were unsure whether the pick would be traded away or not. The Minnesota Timberwolves did elect to keep their pick and with the first overall pick of the 2020 NBA Draft, the Minnesota Timberwolves selected Anthony Edwards from the University of Georgia. Now he was projected to be taken first and fans were not surprised, although a lot of them were rooting for LaMelo Ball to be taken first. Anthony Edwards has been compared to Dwayne Wade many times and has been praised for his size and versatility as an athlete. However, there is one major drawback that is leaving people around the world nervous.

Edwards does not really want to even play in the NBA. You will see many players overly excited to be selected as it was their dream since a child, but this was much different. Edwards even stated on draft night that if the NFL called him right now to play, he would go there in an instant. He said he was only playing the sport of basketball, because in high school he realized he was better at it. His love and drive for the game is lacking significantly, which worries many people around the world to see if his effort level will match his skill.

The second pick was James Wiseman, a power forward who now plays for the Golden State Warriors, just as projected. Although the larger hype surrounded the third pick from the Charlotte Hornets, LaMelo Ball. This pick actually made history that night, as LaMelo and Lonzo (his older brother), were the first brothers to be taken within the top five picks of the NBA in the history of the league. It also proved that going to college is no longer the only solid way to get into the NBA, as LaMelo played professionally overseas for two different teams within the past four years. Everyone is excited to watch what he can do for the Charlotte Hornets.

The following are some other significant players and when they were drafted:

  • Fourth Pick: Patrick Williams (Chicago Bulls)
  • Eighth Pick: Obi Toppin (New York Knicks)
  • Twelfth Pick: Tyrese Haliburton (Sacramento Kings)
  • Fifteenth Pick: Cole Anthony (Orlando Magic)

Overall, it was a pretty exciting draft that has been like none other in NBA history. The draft class seems to have limitless potential that is full of young talent just waiting to become stars. Keep your eyes on Anthony Edwards and LaMelo Ball to see what they do in the future. We hope you enjoyed the 2020 NBA Draft!



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