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Keegan-Michael Key Plays Michael Jordan on SNL ‘The Last Dance’ Quarter-Toss Scene

by | May 19, 2021 | Entertainment

Michael Jordan’s The Last Dance docuseries received the SNL treatment over the weekend, getting parodied on the iconic comedy sketch series.

On Keegan-Michael Kay’s hosting debut, the comedian portrayed Jordan in a take on the infamous gambling matchup between Jordan and a security guard in a game of quarters. The skit pokes fun at Jordan’s intense competitive nature as he continues to raise the stakes throughout the game.

Appearing in the skit is Chris Redd playing Dennis Rodman and Kenen Thompson as Charles Barkley. Alex Moffat plays Phil Jackson, who in the sketch praises Michael’s locker room gambling as evidence of being an “amazing competitor”.

Highlighted in the sketch is the infamous shoulder shrug by the security guard in the docuseries. This sketch is one you don’t want to miss! Watch it below.

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