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Atlanta Hawks’ Trae Young is Terrified of Birds (Seriously)

by | May 27, 2021 | Sports

Atlanta Hawks’ point guard Trae Young has become public enemy number one in New York City following his game winning basket against the New York Knicks on Sunday. Now, amidst a firestorm from Knicks fans and even NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio, potentially embarrassing details surrounding the Hawks guard are resurfacing.

With the Knicks desperate to throw Young off his game, some fans want to use one of his biggest fears against him… birds. You read that correctly. Trae Young, whose team is named after a bird and logo features one, is fearful of birds.

In a 2017 interview with CBS Sports, Trae and his then Oklahoma teammates detailed the guard’s fear of birds, which is also known as ornithophobia. Teammate Jamuni McNeace described an incident in which Trae Young hid behind his fellow teammate because of an altercation with a pigeon on the beach. Another incident detailed by teammate Jordan Shepherd described how Trae ran in the opposite direction when his teammates chased a group of birds resting along the shoreline.

It’s not clear where Trae’s fear stems from particularly, but he did detail an incident that clearly left an impact on him.

“I’ve seen a bird attack one of my friends at my high school in the parking lot,” he told CBS Sports. “Yeah. It scared her. The bird was by her car, she tried to turn and get in her car but the bird was so scared it just attacked her.”

The Knicks-Hawks series is currently all tied up after the Knicks took game 2 on Wednesday. Game 3 tips off in Atlanta Friday at 7 PM EST.

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