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Austin McBroom Dominates Bryce Hall In Boxing Match; TKO Win In Third Round

by | Jun 14, 2021 | Sports

YouTuber Austin McBroom and TikTok star Bryce Hall went head to head in the boxing ring over the weekend and things didn’t end well for Bryce. Their boxing match was the main event at LiveXLive Media’s “Social Gloves: Battle of the Platforms” on Saturday in Miami.

After just three rounds a TKO was called by the referee, securing a victory for Austin McBroom and an embarrassing defeat for loud-mouthed TikTok star Bryce. Bloodied and barely able to stand upright, Bryce seemed provoked at the referee’s decision to call the fight. Nonetheless, McBroom absolutely dominated the TikTok influencer.

Not only is McBroom taking home a victory – he’s winning an additional $1 million dollars courtesy of Bryce Hall himself. The two opponents had placed a side bet for a million dollars in the event one knocks the other out. Looks like this loss will be extra sour for Bryce Hall.

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