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Brooklyn Nets’ Spencer Dinwiddie Creates App For Influencers

by | Oct 20, 2020 | Entertainment

Brooklyn Nets point guard Spencer Dinwiddie is currently creating a blockchain-based app, launching a new platform for a new generation of influencers and creators.

Calaxy, short for “creator galaxy,” will go live late October.

2020 has seen the rise of online content creators and influencers increase at such a rapid speed. It’s one of the most coveted positions one can do from home while fully enjoying life as we’d prefer. Dinwiddie is giving creators larger opportunities for community engagement through the ability to sell digital blockchain-backed tokens with ChainLink. Users can redeem the tokens for interactions with creators in the network.

“It’s all about connectivity at the end of the day,” Spencer Dinwiddie told Forbes. “What you want is people to feel like they can reach out and touch you. This isn’t just a bond, revenue share situation for investors. The core of every element of entertainment is about that community, that network.”

The app will include everything from ChainLink’s security system, Twitter’s user-friendly interface, and LinkedIn’s ability to easily connect with anyone in the world. To avoid confusion amongst the new users once the app is revealed, Dinwiddie is focusing on slowly sharing the concept of fan engagement before heading too deep into the more advanced areas of the app. 

Just like Cameo and OnlyFans are allowing its users to interact with influencers in an easy way for both parties, he hopes Calaxy can take its place out there in the middle of these popular apps and revolutionize how fans connect with their favorite content creators. 

As Dinwiddie starts gearing up to begin the next NBA season, the release of this app is an exciting endeavor marking the start of a revolutionary project that will change the way we interact with one another on a daily basis. 

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