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Browns’ Myles Garrett Looks To Aid Water Crisis

by | Mar 26, 2021 | Travel

Cleveland Browns’ defensive end Myles Garrett celebrated World Water Day this past week doing what he loves most off the football field: giving back.

The football star announced via Instagram on Monday he would be working with charitable organization Waterboys and bottled water company Waiakea. The partnership hopes to bring awareness to the global water crisis.

The athlete has partnered with Waterboys before, The organization is built on a partnership between athletes and fans with the goal of providing clean water to a million people. It was founded by Super Bowl champion and former St. Louis Ram Chris Long.

In an interview with One37PM, Garrett discussed how became involved in humanitarian efforts. “I went on a trip to Africa and that really opened my eyes,” he told the news outlet. “People have

stomach aches and headaches from drinking unsafe water.”

Inspired by his travels and having a giving heart, the NFL player’s latest initiative hopes to inspire others to take action.

“Just donate. The amount doesn’t even matter cause anything helps,” he said in the interview.
If you are interested in the Waterboys foundation or would like to donate visit their website here.

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