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Carmelo Anthony establishes leading role for SLAM Magazine

by | Jul 7, 2020 | Entertainment

Carmelo Anthony is using his voice yet again to stand for racial injustice. But this time he’s incorporating his son, Kiyan in the reform. 

Anthony served as guest editor for SLAM online’s newest issue featuring athletes and their personal experiences with police brutality. The cover showcases Anthony and Kiyan together wearing black hoodies with the title “It Stops Now.” 

At the end of the issue, Anthony shares a letter to future generations. He expresses his frustration that these issues are still relevant but urges them to never give up until there’s justice for all.

He writes, “We have to keep on pushing. We will continue to make progress. We are trying so damn hard. We can’t stop now. Don’t lose focus. Don’t lose sight of why we are in this fight.”

Anthony was one of few players that expressed skepticism on returning to play in Orlando later this month. Despite the NBA’s efforts to incorporate racial injustice awareness to the game, as of June, Anthony had yet to decide whether he would return to the court. 

Whether Anthony decides to join his colleagues in Orlando, we do know his efforts toward racial equality will never change. 

100% of proceeds from SLAM’s new issue will be donated to charities supporting issues impacting the black community. 


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