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Chad Thomas vs. Major Nine

by | Oct 22, 2020 | Music

Chad Thomas was rated the 14th best defensive end, where he was selected to play for the Cleveland Browns during the 3rd round draft picks in 2018. Although Chad Thomas had a slow start with the Cleveland Browns, Major Nine instantly used his platform to promote and launch himself as a musician rapper and producer releasing his hit single “Soul Ties” in 2018, the same year he was drafted. The song “Soul Ties” instantly hit numbers, consuming a total of 32.9 million views on youtube to this day. Following the release of his hit single, Major Nine went on to produce for other major artist and continued his own music.

So who is Major Nine? well he’s Chad Thomas himself. On and off the field he represents the definition of what is means to be prolific as well as influential. Prior to even being drafted, Chad experienced challenges and test pertaining to an unidentify inquiry during a practice for the Senior Bowl. It was a uncertain at that time if he’d even be able to play. While for many others that might’ve caused identity fears and restraints, Major Nine proved his abilities to be more than just an athlete, as Chad Thomas never gave up on his abilities to keep pushing forward. On October 12th, 1995 in Miami Florida Chad Thomas was born. His earlier years consisted of music and learning the use of instruments. He once shared in an interview that music in his family was a requirement and that every child that came up in his family had to play music or leave the house.

Major Nine was in Chad Thomas before football was, despite his performance name being inspired by his favorite playing number “9” which he played with in high school and college. Together football and Music represent Chad Thomas, but its music that his soul is truly tied to. Major Nine’s latest album goes by the name of “Unconditional” and he just recently released in October 12th 2020, if you haven’t already, you should check it out below.

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