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Cole Beasley Shares His Ignorance to Racism as a White Athlete

by | Jun 12, 2020 | Music

“I’ve played on a lot of teams but rarely is this topic one that anyone would ever talk about.” Cole Beasley shares a personal letter on his Instagram explaining in detail his mindset on racism in America as a white man and professional athlete. 

He says, “I started to believe these things happened but it could have been avoided. I would think that this particular person was resisting arrest and it happened because in the moment it’s happening so much faster. I think it’s hard to believe the people who are doing the same killing are the ones who are sworn to protect us. I’m writing this to apologize to everyone affected by unfortunate events like the murder of George Floyd.” 

Beasly is also a father of three biracial children. He explains why his lack of acknowledgement on racism in America was necessary for him to speak on and change the narrative. Not just for himself but to also be the example for his children. He shares, “One of the first steps of recovery is admitting you were wrong. I have remained ignorant as much as it kills me to say. Not only have I failed Black people but I have failed my sons and daughter up to this point, by turning the other way.”

This letter was just one of Beasley’s efforts in making a change for the future of our country. But also as an artist, Beasley is using his creative efforts to give back as well. He’s donating every cent from downloads and streams of his song, “United Hates in America 2020” feat DeSanti, to the 9inety-10 Nonprofit organization. 9inety-10 introduces underprivileged kids and athletes to health and wellness through sports and proper exercise. 

The song is a re-made version of his original song “United Hate in America” off his 2018 album “The Autobiography.” Beasley adjusted the lyrics to address the current state of the world. He encourages Americans who don’t know where to start to use this as a vehicle to make a difference. “I’m hoping to influence other people like myself who have looked the other way for too long. I’m hopeful that this can be a spark for us to actually take action. No role is too small. Nothing you do is too little. Just please do something…..” 

Listen to “United Hates of America 2020” feat DeSanti below. 



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