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Sports Documentaries Take Centerstage in 2021

by | Jan 14, 2021 | Entertainment

Sports networks experienced a surge in viewership caused by the COVID 19 pandemic leaving sports fans with their television sets as their last resort. Catching a glimpse of their favorite athletes meant tuning in daily and weekly for coverages of the limited sport games available throughout the year. Documentaries such as The Last Dance, Lance, and Be Water each gained a few million views during the mandatory quarantine, opening up the path to exciting new stories shared in 2021.

Tiger, HBO

Premiering on January 10th and 17th, this two-part documentary chronicles the life of golf icon Tiger Woods through never-before-seen footage and interviews with individuals who have personally spent time with him. He doesn’t appear in the trailer although we do see glimpses of his former caddy and close friend, Steve Williams, English golf legend Sir Nick Faldo, his father Earl Woods’ friend and biographer, Pete McDaniel, and Tiger’s reported first true love, Dina Parr. It even features Rachel Uchitel, the woman at the center of the sex scandal that threatened to derail Tiger’s career.

The Man in the Arena: Tom Brady, ESPN

Tom Brady is one of the many greats on the football field inspiring fans of his successful 20 year run as the quarterback of the New England Patriots. The nine-part documentary co-produced by ESPN reflects on his prolific career continuing with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. “You just keep putting one foot in front of the other, and you keep trying to make progress, so when I look at over 20 years, I look at how far I’ve come. But there’s not one step that I took where I’ve realized, ‘Look how far I’ve come.’ But those series of steps that I’ve put together, I go, ‘Wow, that’s … that’s quite a journey’ ”

Magic Johnson

Although it’s still in the works, there’s a documentary based on basketball legend Magic Johnson’s life coming later in 2021 documenting his basketball career and business ventures as the CEO of Magic Johnson Enterprises. The life of the two-time Basketball Hall of Famer and Los Angeles Lakers icon is a story many basketball fans will want to see for themselves to get a deeper understanding of his come up story and legacy.

“In these unprecedented times we need films that celebrate heroes more than ever,” Bryn Mooser, CEO of XTR said. “As one of the most legendary, hardworking and resilient public figures of our time, Magic Johnson’s accomplishments both on and off the court are something worth spotlighting to the world and we’re excited to tell that story and work closely with him and NSV to take viewers inside his remarkable journey.”




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