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“Drake, From State Farm” Is The Best Super Bowl LV Commercial

by | Feb 8, 2021 | Entertainment

At only thirty seconds long, State Farm’s super bowl commercial was one of the shorter advertisements during the big game this year. With an appearance by Drake however, it may have been one of the most memorable.

The commercial centers around, of all things, a State Farm commercial set. Featuring Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes, Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rogers and Jake from State Farm, the three are on set discussing their body doubles. Rogers complains of a poorly cast stand in, followed by Mahomes pointing out his body double, played by Paul Rudd. But then comes Jake from State Farm’s body double… Drake.

“Is that Drake?!” asks Mahomes.
“That’s right… Drake from State Farm” replies the star rapper.

As Drake continues to speak he gets cut off by Jake from State Farm who tells him “Stand-ins don’t have lines” Then with Drake agreeing and turning his attention to eating an apple, the commercial ends with the insurance companies classic slogan.

While the advertisement has received plenty of reactions across social media – it isn’t the only commercial from this year’s big game to go viral. Cardi B teamed up with Mike Myers and Dana Carvey of ​Wayne’s World ​for a one-minute UberEats ad that has been getting plenty of buzz. Feel free to read our story on that ​here.

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