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Duke Riley at the Fishing Capital Of The World: Venice, Louisiana

by | Jul 22, 2020 | Travel

It’s no secret Louisiana bred, Philadelphia Eagle linebacker Duke Riley loves his fish.

In a recent Instagram post, Riley shows off a series of Red Snapper catches with his Bayou Bengal Charter squad in Venice, Louisiana.


Videographer @shotbydashooter features Riley catching and tossing a number of Red Snapper into a cooler for later. In his Instagram caption @shotbydashooter says, “A day on the water with @bayoubengalcharters wasn’t no regular trip. 2500 ft waters, high waves, and deep divers…You name it they already doing.”

New Orleans Saint Cameron Jordan and San Francisco 49ers Kwan Alexander both joined Riley on his fishing expedition.


Outside of football Riley leans on fishing and music as therapy. He shares his background in fishing and how his charter business came about today. “Fishing helped me so I wasn’t just drowning my thoughts and time in playing ball. My dad taught me to fish when I was seven years old. I learned how to fish before I learned how to play football. This charter business is so special to me because every single one of my captains is from where I’m from. They’re dedicated and know the water better than anybody. I’m just blessed to be able to learn from them,” says Riley.

Venice is near the southeast tip of Louisiana, right where the Mississippi River flows into the Gulf of Mexico. Known as the “fishing capital of the world” Venice is full of a variety of fish species. Some of the most popular species include shrimp, crab, batfish, Redfish, tuna, snapper, and grouper.

To book a fishing expedition with the Bayou Bengal Charters visit the website.

Keep an eye out for Bayou Bengal Charters Youtube Channel for more fishing videos.

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