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Fear Of God, Off-White and Now Tuff Crowd

by | May 14, 2020 | Fashion

When you hear Brandon Jennings’ name what’s the first thing that comes to mind? One of California’s best basketball players, first round draft pick, or maybe Under Armour athlete? At ACT, we associate Brandon Jennings with originality, controversy, and thinking outside the box. These were all qualities he demonstrated consistently throughout his basketball career.

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Jennings was the very first basketball player to sign with Under Armour during a time when every other athlete committed with Nike. He set the tone for athletes to branch out into different brands. Although his career on the court is complete, he now exemplifies those same creative qualities within the launch of his own high-end, streetwear clothing brand; Tuff Crowd.

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In 2018 Jennings birthed the idea of Tuff Crowd based on his rough childhood. He explains how TC came to be on the brands website, “Life isn’t easy…at a young age I had to learn that no matter how hard I tried to please people it was never enough. At the end of the day life is just a Tuff Crowd.”

What we appreciate most about Tuff Crowd is that unlike most traditional fashion brands, TC releases collections on its own schedule—briefing its fans and followers via Instagram. The streetwear brand aligns perfectly with the simplistic, rugged style of Compton—Jennings hometown.


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Jennings shares why TC hits so close to home; “I always loved clothes and putting outfits together and wanted to be able to convey my style for all to access, everything I design is connected to me and my life.”

Celebrities such as Chris Brown, Shaunie O’Neal, Dwayne Wade, Christian CombsShareef O’Neal, Joshua Christopher, have all rocked TC. We look forward to catching TC’s next drop on it’s IG page.


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