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FOX’s “The Masked Singer” Eliminates Lonzo Ball As The Hidden Whatchamacallit Contestant

by | Dec 3, 2020 | Entertainment

The Masked Singer Season 4 has been a surprising season, to say the least.

Who would’ve thought New Orleans Pelicans’ Lonzo Ball would appear as the long-haired Whatchamacallit character we’ve all come to appreciate throughout the seasons. The masked series has given him the opportunity to pursue something he really enjoys without feeling any repercussions over any criticism people may have had on the performances.

“I love music and I love performing,” Lonzo explained during his unmasked interview with Nick Cannon. “This kind of brought it all together. And I know my mom watches this so it’s going to definitely put a smile on her face when she sees me.”

Although there were plenty of clues leading up to his identity, the judges including Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy, Nicole Scherzinger, and guest judge Cheryl Hines steered towards other athletes and musicians unable to put a name to the incredibly talented masked singer while Ken Jeong was able to use the clues to find his true identity.

In case anybody missed it at home, these are a few of the clues left behind before his final departure and unveil:

  • There were three bees and three “B” notes in Whatchamacallit’s packages as clues to his Big Baller Brand, which is the name of Lonzo’s apparel and shoe company
  • The gelatin and marshmallows are indications of Lonzo’s brothers “Gelo” and “Melo”
  • The panther and jets hinted at the NFL teams his father previously played for
  • The children’s book clue hinted at Lonzo’s Facebook reality show, “Ball in the Family”

Were you able to guess that Lonzo was hiding behind the Whatchamacallit mask?

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