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Inside Volhard: NBA Guard Chasson Randle’s Luxury Clothing Line

by | Apr 2, 2021 | Fashion

Chasson Randle climbed through nearly every level of professional basketball to reach the NBA. The Stanford Alumni launched his professional career abroad, played in the EuroLeague, CBA, and G League, before eventually landing with the Orlando Magic. His values of drive and determination are what got him to the NBA. It’s those same values and attitudes he hopes to inspire with his new brand.

Volhard, his upscale clothing brand, launched in 2020. The name stems from the Dutch and Afrikaans word for “perseverance.”Volhard also serves as an acronym for “Victors Of Life’s Hardships And Righteous Deviants.”

“When they wear the clothing. I want them to feel motivated, and to feel like they’ve persevered or they’re on their way to persevering through whatever life brings to them,” said Randle about the culture of Volhard.

During Christmas shopping in England in 2018, Randle’s desire to create a high-end fashion and lifestyle brand was born.

“I went to Harrods. It was like ‘Man, I would love to have a brand and my clothes in these stores,’” said Randle reflecting on the moment when he decided to build a clothing company. “As crazy as that sounded, I wanted to put those ideas to the test.”

Following that moment of inspiration, Randle would spend the next couple of years speaking with experts in the fashion industry – from designers to stylists – to learn different ways of jump-starting his new fashion venture. “The thing that was consistent between everybody was there’s no one right way to do it,” Randle told me. “You have to trust your gut, go on what you feel and as long as you stay true to yourself nobody can deny that.”

The Fall/Winter 2020 collection, Volhard’s first launch, features quilted crewnecks and joggers as well as a hoodie and jeans. The quilted crewnecks come in mustard, olive, black, and marsala. The stylish pieces’ unique design evokes both luxury and comfort.



“It’s been all me,” said Randle about the design process. “I sketch designs for every garment from head to toe. I hand-picked the fabrics, made sure the color palette was what I wanted and everything.”


When the brand launched, Randle wasn’t sure what the reception would be from fans. It was the athlete’s first foray into the fashion industry after all. “We kind of just put it out there,” he said.

The brand’s launch was a success. “The reception that we got from fans was really well,” said Randle. “All their feedback has been positive.”

Coming up soon, Volhard will be announcing a new collection. Randle wouldn’t go into explicit detail about the collection but he hinted that it will be released in the summer. Ultimately, Randle wants the brand to grow into a nationally recognized fashion label. “We want to make this thing a lifestyle for people,” he said.

Go check out the brand and their lookbook on their website. You can find Volhard on Instagram and Twitter.

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