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Jerry Lorenzo Breaks Silence on Partnership With Adidas Basketball Collection

by | Apr 16, 2021 | Fashion

Fear of God founder Jerry Lorenzo’s basketball collection with Adidas is one of the most highly anticipated partnerships in sports apparel. With the designer busy at work creating the newest pieces for his collection, fans have been eager for more details surrounding the design process.

In a discussion with Interview, Lorenzo talked about how it has been working with a powerhouse corporation like Adidas.

“The thing about Adidas is that they’re in a unique position to bend in uncomfortable ways in order to make this work,” he told the publication. “They’re already under the understanding that this is going to have to work differently in order for this to pierce culture in a way that we’re all hoping it will.”

Coming from a smaller and more collaborative design team, you’d expect Lorenzo to need to make sacrifices in order to have a successful partnership with Adidas. Based on his remarks, however, it sounds like the compromising may be on Adidas’s end.

While Lorenzo and his team are hard at work designing, the products won’t be available until 2022. It is still a mystery what those products may be, but knowing Lorenzo’s past work… it will be something special.

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