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Kevin Durant Flips a $1 Million into $15 Million with Postmates

by | Jul 8, 2020 | Food

“They’ve got an app for that?” That was Kevin Durant’s response to business partner Rich Kleiman back in 2016 when Kleiman mentioned Postmates to Durant as an option for food. 

“I was hungry one day and Rich was like, “Yeah there’s this company that will bring you food from any restaurant. I asked him to call up there and see if we could get involved because we use shit like this on a day-to-day basis,” Durant tells ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne

Little did Durant know that this genuine interest would land him a $15 million profit just four years later. 

In 2016, Durant invested approximately $1 million into the food delivery business Postmates. Earlier this week, Uber Technologies acquired Postmates for $2.6 billion, flipping Durants initial investment to a now pocketed $15 million.  

According to Forbes, Kevin Durant is ranked No. 7 on the world’s highest-paid athletes list over the past year. 

Most of that success stems from Durants business empire, Thirty Five Ventures which has allowed the 10-time All Star player the luxury of consistent investments and endorsements. Durant has invested more than $15 million into over 40 start up companies and organizations. It’s evident his Thirty Five Ventures staff is the best at what they do. 

With it’s new all-stock purchase from Postmates, Uber is now the 2nd largest restaurant delivery service in the U.S by market share following DoorDash. 


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