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King Mel Chases Big Dreams In Newly Released Album “Street Gospel”

by | Nov 2, 2020 | Music

NFL Star Melvin Ingram, aka King Mel, continues to drop meaningful, passionate music while rising in his football career. The Los Angeles Chargers outside linebacker shares Street Gospel, a heartfelt narrative taking fans through the journey of his come up with captivating stories mentioning the power of love, pain, family, having support from those around you and ignoring haters.

Seventeen songs later, we have King Mel playing on replay from the appreciative track “Right Hand On The Bible” showing love to God and the blessings that have come into his life, ambitious “Getting Close” hyping up his come up story, somber track “Meditate” features YDthebest and DoubleN speaks about meditating on every decision made to make sure life comes out the way he desires to the unfiltered, raw demonstration of how love can change a person in “Love.”

Street Gospel features Dubb Bankroll and El Capo on “3Am,” Ray on “No Easier,” and YDtheBest on “Better Place.”

The music video for “Lambo Mel” smoothly displays King Mel appreciating the rise from those rough days to now living the rich, comfortable lifestyle people work their entire lives to attain. He confidently appears with large stacks of money while chilling in front of a stunning piano and black Lambo Urus in the background. The track highlights the pain points from his rags to riches story that helped him do more for his family and community. King Mel is rising up to become that “Lambo Mel” he always dreamed of being.


His earlier releases from this year, “Painting Pictures” and “Breaking Point” showcase with full transparency another side of Melvin Ingram that most fans weren’t expecting. He’s definitely captured the attention of old and new fans all over the world by using music as a creative outlet to share his perspectives on life.

If you’re looking for some real life stories reminiscing on the way life is through his family and influential surroundings, check out King Mel’s Street Gospel now available on all streaming platforms!

Let us know which track is your favorite!

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