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KITH Latest Collaboration with “The Simpsons”

by | Jan 25, 2021 | Fashion

Springfield meets streetwear this week as New York based apparel company KITH is set to release a collaboration with one of TV’s most successful franchises in history. On Sunday the company announced ​via it’s website​ ​The Simpsons​ X KITH release, a collection from featuring iconic characters from the hit cartoon.

With over 29 items in the collection streetwear enthusiasts can expect a range of hoodies, sweaters and tees featuring classic moments from ​The Simpsons ​cartoon. The show’s signature yellow color is featured prominently across the collection, offering some real pop and brightness to compliment stunning visuals of classic Simpsons moments. Other signatures of the series such as the show’s clouds are featured throughout the collection as well.

A collaboration like this would be special enough, but KITH had to go the extra mile. In addition to the clothing drop, KITH will be partnering with ​Doughnut Plant​, a Brooklyn-based donut shop, to produce a donut inspired by the show. The treat is made to look exactly like the one Homer eats in the show. The donuts will be available for purchase at Doughnut Plant stores in NYC.

The drop is available Monday January 25th at 11 AM EST online as well as at KITH’s retail locations in Brooklyn and SoHo. Customers at KITH’s location in SoHo will experience a more immersive shopping experience. The store was converted to include an installation of the Simpson’s living room for the drop. It is open from 12 – 8 PM.

We’ll have to wait and see how the streetwear community reacts to the drop. But from what we can tell – it looks pretty damn good. With dope colors and classic characters from one of the best shows of all time – KITH may have real success on their hands here.

The trend of collaborations in streetwear isn’t going anywhere, take a look at the collaboration Hyperfly did with the NBA only a couple weeks back. You can read our story on that ​here​.

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