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Lori Harvey Receives Two Year Probation In Her Hit-And-Run Case

by | Nov 9, 2020 | Entertainment

Lori Harvey was charged for a hit-and-run incident back in January and has now received the decision from the court. She allegedly smashed her G-Wagon into another car and then was found walking away from the scene by the police.

According to TMZ, Steve Harvey’s step-daughter appeared before a judge this week and has been sentenced with two years of probation instead of getting any jail time. The charges against her included two misdemeanor charges: one count of resisting/delaying/obstructing a peace officer and one count for the alleged hit-and-run situation resulting in property damage. She reportedly pled no contest to these charges.

Bystanders mentioned the 23-year-old was texting while behind the wheel of her G-Wagon in Los Angeles, California, which turned to its side after the hit. Police also confirmed that alcohol was not a factor in the accident. In the midst of dealing with the officers after they found her, she began FaceTiming her famous step-dad, delaying their full process of the arrest.

Despite all the legal troubles she’s faced in the past year, Lori continues to live her best life traveling all over the world and booking modeling gigs. What do you think? Was this a fair deal on the judge’s part?

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