LSU has no tolerance for O.B.J’s flashy behavior

by | Oct 28, 2020 | Sports

Back in January Odell Beckum Jr. decided to reward four LSU players with $2,000 each after winning the national championship game. Recorders were of course there to capture his exchange of money and honor in his most flashiest of manor. Much praise digressed on October 21st when LSU facilities came to the conclusion of banning Odell Beckum Jr. for two years due to misfit conduct. Identifying it as a violation towards the NCAA’s rules against boosting.

Other than just banning O.B.J, LSU also discontinued the scholarships of 8 future players under investigation for booster involvement. Now it wasn’t identified that Odell himself was involved in boosting, initially everyone believed the money to be the fake “Odell dollars” another publicity stunt to boost attention towards the athlete. But for a man of his caliber as well as being a member of the NFL, the assumption is that he’d know better than to give money to players, especially on field and especially on camera. But honestly, what’s the difference between your uncle giving you money after a game, and Odell Beckum Jr. giving you money after a game? Well unless your Uncle is a multimillion dollar NFL Wide Receiver than the NCAA just might let him slide.

Trying to understand the reasoning for Odell’s behavior could have resulted in some sort of publicity stunt to draw attention to either himself or the players. It’s no secret of the residing conflict between non-professional players desiring pay for bringing income to major establishments. D1 Athletes bring just as much money to Universities (prodomintely PWI’S) as paid players do to the professional leagues. If you were a player who just played your heart out and won, would you take $2,000 as a job well done? So who’s really to blame here? Well it seems instead of pointing fingers, LSU has decided to tighten up and use Odell Beckum as an example for behavior they will not tolerate, former alum or not.

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