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Michael B. Jordan Star As Alexa In Amazon’s Super Bowl Ad

by | Feb 4, 2021 | Entertainment

Amazon’s Alexa device has once again released a super bowl commercial, but this time it may be found a little ‘steamy’ to some. The minute-long advertisement focuses on the design of the new Alexa model with a group of engineers fascinated by the hardware’s new look. Asking what could make it look even better- a female engineer imagines Alexa as Michael B. Jordan. Lets just say things take a twist.

There’s a bathtub scene, a wet t-shirt, oh and he gets shirtless. Amazon’s new ad is… bold, to say the least. All the meanwhile, the engineer’s husband is growing increasingly frustrated with the Michael B. Jordan Alexa.

This year’s super bowl advertisements are drawing headlines across the internet. Earlier, UberEats announced their commercial featuring Carid B and the stars of 1992’s Wayne’s World. Read our story on that here.

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