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NBA’s Aaron Gordon Delivers Message That Athletes Can Do More Than Just Ball

by | Oct 16, 2020 | Music

The past few months of isolation and global quarantine has taken out the creativity from everyone as we started sharpening our skills to level up in our careers by the end of the year. This includes Orlando Magic star Aaron Gordon, who just dropped a dope new music video for his track “LVL Up” featuring Orlando based rapper Moe on Sept. 17th.

The duo jumped back into the studio to release their second single together. “LVL Up” is every baller’s dream with amped-up visuals including private jets, party buses, celebratory bottles of booze, and luxurious hotels one can simply imagine visiting.

As he celebrates his 25th birthday, Gordon proves he can do more than play basketball. Leveling up in life not only opened up the doors for him to freely pursue his interests, but he also gets to share those experiences with his fellow basketball players and friends. The video shows the supportive team he has on and off the court, hyping him up to release new music.

“Started from the bottom and I leveled up” sticks out the most as they relish in the fact that they’ve turned their dreams into a reality. “I had to level up, haters ain’t never love… they gon’ remember us long after we turn into dust,” Gordon raps along a rap instrumental beat. “She fell in love, now she spilling her guts … she gotta grow up she still just a pup.”

In this behind the scenes video for his upcoming track “Mike vs Mic,” he jumps into speaking about the ridicule athletes receive when it comes to following their other passions.

He’s got a point.

“Mike vs Mic” dives into the implications behind living a life like all-star basketball legend Michael Jordan vs hopping on the mic and rapping about your life. Most people expect athletes to stick to their sports since that’s what they’re mainly known for but it’s not the reality. If people truly expect athletes to choose between hooping or laying down a sick rap, those people will never win.

AyoTheProducer joins in on the conversation stating how athletes get looked down on for following something else other than sports, as if they don’t have other interests. “Whenever an athletes decides to pursue another passion that they have, it’s like “nah, go on work on your defense” “go work on your offense,” AyoTheProducer mentions. “For me, I’m pushing the bar for the athletes that are artists as well.’

Produced by Grammy Award Winning Producer, AYOtheproducer, the NBA star was in mighty good hands since their first project together. “LVL Up” rides on a soothing, melodic beat that creates a laid back vibe as fans watch the duo chill aboard their private jet and good life.

Aaron Gordon’s debut single “Pull Up” was released back in April with over 1.4 million views on Youtube. “LVL Up” is on its way to becoming all sports’ fans favorite track motivating us to chase those wild dreams and level up in the remainder of 2020.

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