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New Superman Reboot will feature a Black Superman

by | Mar 2, 2021 | Entertainment

A new ​Superman ​film from comic giant DC is underway and it’s rumored to star a Black actor as Clark Kent.

While a director has yet to be named, it is ​being reported​ the writer responsible for​ Black Panther ​and ​Captain America, ​Te-Nehis Coates will write the upcoming blockbuster. Produced by Warner Bros. and Bad Robot, J.J. Abrahams’s production studio, the film could reinvigorate DC’s lineup, giving Marvel a run for their money.

No actor has been chosen by the studio yet, however reports from ​ScreenRant​ say actor Michael B. Jordan has met with DC to discuss the role in the past. It is unclear if those talks went anywhere, but there is no doubt the actor would be at the top of the list for potential lead actors.

Speaking of Jordan, he’s been busy producing an original series for Amazon highlighting the life of Muhammad Ali. Read our story on that ​here​.

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