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New Topps Series One Insert Cards Irritates Collectors

by | Feb 24, 2021 | Collectibles

With the release of Topp’s 2021 Series One Baseball earlier this month have come complaints from some card collectors concerning reprint cards within the product. The new insert cards, titled ​Topps Through The Years​ feature photographs of highly collectable cards from previous Topps products. Upon first glance, they can give buyers the impression of having pulled a very sought-after card.

The cards in question feature Major League Baseball’s biggest names such as Angels outfielder Mike Trout and Hall of Famer Cal Ripken Jr. The cards featured throughout the reprint series include many autographs as well as game worn relics, often confusing collectors. To pull a card from a pack and see the signature blue ink used for autographed Topps cards, alongside the text “Topps Certified Autograph Issue” can certainly raise the expectations for any card collector. To have those expectations crushed with the reality of the card being a worthless reprint can be heartbreaking.

Mat Noble of Urbandale, Iowa has been collecting baseball cards since the late 1980s. When the new baseball card series launched earlier this month, he grabbed himself a pack. Opening the pack, he came across a ​Topps Through The Years​ reprint card featuring an autographed Aaron Judge rookie autograph.

“It only fooled me for a second but put a negative spin on ripping that pack,” said Matt. “My friends and I shared a laugh and moved on, no big deal. But they do fool you at first!”


Justin Sell, 31, from Pennsylvania, has been buying baseball cards since he was only seven years old. While the baseball fan had already heard about the reprint insert cards, he got a text from a friend that made him chuckle.

It was a photo of a ​Topps Through The Years​ Hank Aaron autographed card, it even featured the numbering 5 of 5, implying there were only five in production. Accompanying the photo was a text that read “OMG I’m shaking.”

“I had to break the news to him,” said Justin.

In regards to the controversy surrounding the inserts themselves, Justin could see both sides of the argument.

“While I think it’s a dumb concept, I see what they were going for: highlighting past iconic cards,” said the Pennsylvania baseball fan. “Being knowledgeable is a big part of the hobby, and needing to learn to read the back of cards is important.”

For the record, the cards are printed with a disclaimer from Topps:

“The front of this card is a reproduction of a historic Topps baseball card. It does not contain an original autograph and/or relic. Any autograph and/or relic depicted is a reprinted copy of the original signature and/or relic.”

With the response from fans, it will be interesting to see whether Topps continues to print the insert cards when Series 2 releases in June. While most card collectors are understanding of what the company was attempting to accomplish, the frustrations are still notable. A note to our readers – don’t be fooled by these head scratching reprints!


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