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Phora Makes Memorable Return With “Stars in the Sky” ft. Jhene Aiko

by | Oct 12, 2020 | Music

Just before one of the most influential times of his life, Phora celebrates his 26th birthday with a beautiful new single “Stars in the Sky” featuring Jhene Aiko.

The atmospheric track speaks for itself as the painful memories of a relationship find their way back into their yearnful song lyrics. The Chilombo songstress beautifully integrates her euphoric vocals into the song. Phora appears speaking about his deep feelings filled with nothing but love.

“I’ll be running back/ You’re my medicine/ You take my pain away,” he sings. “Baby love me back/ Give me something back/ ‘Cause I’m drowning in you like a tidal wave.”

Before this meaningful release, Phora experienced a dark period in his life where he desired to end it all. Returning with the release of “Stars in the Sky” and new clothing line is meant to inspire listeners to find what it is that lights them up and makes them feel alive. They come together as artists with large platforms to remind us that we’re not alone on this Earth and to take our mental health seriously.

This particular song is special to Phora, who continues to open up about his struggles with mental health. “Not only is this song important to me because of the energy and light Jhené holds, but this song helped me through a lot of rough times, and reminded me that stars shine the brightest, even on the darkest nights,” he said.

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2 weeks ago I gave up on myself. Ive never been that close to letting go. I lost myself in a deep and dark hole, and I didn’t know if I was going to make it out. I had no hope left in me, and nothing mattered. Ive always been fighting things in my head. Days before I tried to take my own life, I was dealing with so many things at once. Depression. Addiction. PTSD from getting shot in my head. Heartbreak. Betrayal. paranoia. It all started on the 5th anniversary of the shooting, which was the first time I was alone for it. I went days without food or sleep, and after that life was a blur. I want to thank my friends, fans, and family who stood by me at a time where I was in need of love and support. Thank you to the many people who came to visit me at the center I was in, and took their time to come uplift me when I desperately needed guidance. It saddens me that people I used to know questioned my character, and questioned what I was going through for a quick laugh and a quick gain. I struggle with myself every single fucking day, and it hurts to see people I was once vulnerable with turn their backs and make me regret ever letting them into my heart. Thank you to those who tried to understand my situation, and didn’t take to social media to point fingers and try to kick me when I was already down. I came back home to an overwhelming amount of LOVE and support that could keep my heart warm for a lifetime. I learned so much, grew so much spiritually, and this might have been what I needed to break through and evolve into a newer version of myself. Sometimes the worst things in life end up being what we needed most. I’m not perfect, and I learned I don’t want to be. Talking helps. Therapy helps. Love helps. Music helps. Smiling helps. Im still broken inside, but I’m learning to see the beauty in it. To the people who have my back, I will always love you…. To the people who turned their back, you’ll eventually have to face your own karma.

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“Stars in the Sky” is set to appear on Phora’s upcoming album With Love 2. 

The Yours Truly record label owner just released merchandise to accompany the “Stars & Sky” release. The new selection includes t-shirts, hoodies, and sleeping masks for all music lovers to purchase in support of the sentimental, important new release. Check out the clothing line right HERE!

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