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Rapper Quavo Urges Fans to Stop Drinking Hennessy

by | Sep 14, 2020 | Music

 “My Folks Need To Stop Drinkin Hennessy. They Don’t Fuck Wit Us,” that’s what the 29-year-old rapper Quavo took to Twitter to share with fans. 

For years Hennessy has been a staple in Black culture. Rappers, athletes, and celebrities alike make it evident that Hennessy is their cognac of choice. 

Quavo shares his decision to change the status quo by fully supporting a different cognac brand. 

“No mo Rapping about Henny. The Martell Way Is How I’m Coming and They Appreciate It Better! Martell Blue Swift!,” Quavo tweets. 

Click this link to check out other rappers who’ve called out liquor brands for profiting off Black culture.


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