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Russell Westbrook Teams Up With Jordan Brand, Sony For New Short-Film “Why Not?”

by | Jun 11, 2021 | Entertainment

Washington Wizards guard Russell Westbrook has partnered with Sony’s Incubation Lab and the Jordan Brand to create a new short film titled “Why Not?”

The film follows a young basketball player in Los Angeles’s Crenshaw neighborhood. After losing the opportunity to play basketball, the athlete decides to team up with a tech-savvy fellow student to help positively impact their community.

Serving as executive producer, Russell Westbrook hopes the short film can serve as inspiration for children of color to enter the tech space.

“A lot of the youth in Black and Brown communities look at the tech space as an almost impossible field to exist within,” Westbrook said in a statement. “Why can’t young Black kids in untapped neighborhoods like Crenshaw get exposed to tech? This film is that story, and I hope it inspires kids in marginalized communities around the world.”

The film continues the mission of Westbrook’s charitable foundation that goes by the same name. Westbrook founded the Why Not? Foundation in 2012 to help children in underprivileged communities overcome adversity.

The short film is just the latest media endeavor by Russell Westbrook. The point guard recently produced a documentary on the 1921 Tulsa race massacre which aired on the History Channel. Read our story on that here.

Stay tuned to Athletes Creative Trap for the latest on Russell Westbrook’s upcoming short film “Why Not?”

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