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Serge Ibaka Joins Nobis Outerwear On Nobis x Serge Ibaka Capsule Collection

by | Nov 24, 2020 | Fashion

Serge Ibaka has launched his first fashion collaboration with the Canadian outerwear brand Nobis Outerwear, which identify themselves with clothing that offers technical outerwear and classic fashion. He’s been a global ambassador for Nobis for over a year and is finally releasing their first collaboration.

The collection features genderless, limited edition pieces ranging from $60 to $995. The nine limited-edition pieces include a parka, anorak, bomber jacket, vests, hats, and scarves, with a key item being the lightweight tactical vest featuring reflective trims and iridescent logos. The pieces also contain a camo pattern and his signature catchphrase, “Mafuzzy.”

He mentions how his time with Honor The Gift clothing line owner Russell Westbrook inspired his move into creating his own fashion line. They attended Paris Fashion Week together, further studying what makes fashion art and how to create their own revolutionary pieces that people would want to wear.

“When I dress, in my mind, I know I’m doing art. I don’t dress. I don’t do drip. I don’t just do swag. I do art. That’s the difference. When it comes to fashion, I’m an artist,” Serge Ibaka tells Complex. “When you talk about the best dresser, don’t ever put me there, because I’m not there. And honestly, I can tell you, I don’t think I’m good at dressing. I don’t dress. I do art. It’s a different game.”

Ibaka is appreciative of the brand’s ability to help create the designs from scratch, which is something he was looking for from the very beginning. The creative freedom allowed the collaboration to flourish into something Ibaka is very proud of while leaving behind his footprint in the fashion world.

“When you see this collection, it’s me, it’s my style,” says Ibaka. “I want to wear it proudly.”

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