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Sheck Wes Drops “Been Ballin” After Not Getting Picked In The 2020 NBA Draft

by | Nov 20, 2020 | Music

Sheck Wes shared his biggest news of his career this week about joining the NBA Draft, which unfortunately ended with him not being chosen for any of the teams. “Damn… it’s really real, The 2020 NBA DRAFT, all my life I always wanted to follow my passion for music and basketball,” he wrote on an Instagram post before the big night on Wednesday. “Playing basketball and going to play pro in the @nba is something that I always strived for. Tonight that dream comes true!”

In response, he released a new track and music video titled “Been Ballin'” where he appears to have been chosen by the New York Knicks, his hometown team.

The song may not be as catchy as we may have been expecting but the visuals are next level with interesting scenes reminiscent of the 2018 basketball movie Uncle Drew, shots on the basketball court where he displays how he has the moves to make it in the NBA and moments in the conference room applauding his achievements of making it into the Knicks.

It also features notable personalities including 2k Sports marketing director Ronnie 2K, DJ and promoter Zack Bia, artist Moe Black, artist Kidthewiz, and many more in the playful music video.

The creativity that went into this is astounding and who knows, maybe 2021 will be his year for the NBA Draft.

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