Sports, Lifestyle & Culture Content Find A New Home In PlayersTV

by | Oct 13, 2020 | Entertainment

Earlier this year, Players Media Group announced the creation of PlayersTV to share the daily occurrences in the world of sports, lifestyle, and culture.

PlayersTV connects athletes and their fans unlike any other platform. It gives athletes the opportunity to portray themselves in a creative manner that brings fans from all over the world into their own little bubbles to truly get to know them. 

The new content breaks down the stigma of athletes just being able to play sports. Clearly, that’s not true – they do a lot more than just play sports.

“It gives us the opportunity to come together and unite, as athletes and creators,” Chris Paul said.  “It will be one hub where all of our content can live and then together, we can grow opportunities. This is just the beginning.”

Elite professional athletes such as Carmelo Anthony, Vernon Davis, CJ McCollum and Chris Paul are partners of PlayersTV, which has also launched on Samsung TV Plus and Sling Free. Its integration into powerful brands such as Samsung Smart TVs, Sling Free, and Youtube indicates how this innovative platform has quickly become  a part of the lives of consumers in America. 

As consumers, we expect to know everything happening with our favorite athletes and celebrities. PlayersTV brings us right there with them.

“In today’s world, the desire to not only connect directly with athletes but also learn about their lives off the field… continues to grow exponentially,” said Players Media Group co-founder Deron Guidrey. “Through PlayersTV, we’ve created a distribution ecosystem that  brings fans and athletes together in one place, making it easier for fans to access the content they desire, and easier for athletes to reach their fans and also monetize their content.”

Just as we create content slightly steering away from what athletes do on the court, we anticipate how large of a platform PlayersTV will become as the year progresses.

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