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Steelers vs. Ravens Thanksgiving Game Postponed Due to Covid-19 Outbreak

by | Nov 25, 2020 | Sports

With Thanksgiving Day tomorrow comes many highly anticipated football games. The main game on the day was certainly the Pittsburgh Steelers vs. the Baltimore Ravens. With this being a classic rivalry between the two teams, and the Pittsburgh Steelers being undefeated so far it was certainly the game to watch. The Baltimore Ravens are also looking to avenge themselves after their overtime loss to the Tennessee Titans from last week. Although this was a highly anticipated matchup, we bring you BREAKING NEWS that occurred throughout the course of the day and was just announced only hours ago. The short answer comes with the headline, this football game has been CANCELLED, but more like postponed.

Just like numerous other games and practices around the world this year, this game has been postponed due to COVID-19 complications. This outbreak came on the Baltimore Ravens side of the house with three more players being added to the COVID-19 list today. These three players have amassed over two thousand snaps for the team this year, which shows exactly how necessary they are for the team’s success. The Ravens announced that there would be an anonymous staffer punished for an unidentifiable act related to the COVID-19 outbreak which led to some suspicions being aroused. Overall, the NFL made the decision to postpone this game in order for more time to be given to determine the exact amount of Ravens players that have either contracted the virus or been contacted.

Now this is the best decision in terms of safety, but there has been a lot of negative feedback towards the Ravens team and the NFL, mostly at the hands of Pittsburgh Steelers players. The Steelers athletes were quick to take to social media to air their grievances with the Ravens and this decision. For many growing up it is a dream to play in the NFL and to play on Thanksgiving Day for the whole nation to watch. With this opportunity being taken away from them, one can certainly understand their frustrations. However the players were simply frustrated, because this is not the first time COVID-19 has had an impact on their season.

The Steelers have had two major games be rescheduled, and none of them were the Steelers fault. In week four they were originally slated to play against the Tennessee Titans, until there was an outbreak in that organization. That game was played on week seven instead. Although the Ravens were originally scheduled to play the Steelers during that week seven which was moved to this week, week eight due to the issue with the Titans. They were able to do so, because this was the team’s bye weeks which worked out by chance. Either way you can understand why so many Steelers players have been frustrated by this announcement. This has been their dreams for a while and it has been ripped away from them, because other teams are not taking care of themselves.

For now the game has been moved to this upcoming Sunday, however I have a feeling that this too will be postponed. Either way there are still two games to watch tomorrow, but they are really just a waste of time to watch. Stay tuned for more updates on this Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Baltimore Ravens matchup.

The other games are planned as scheduled:

Detroit Lions vs. Houston Texans

This is the first game that will be played of the day, kicking it off around noon. To be honest there is not much new news circulating around these teams like the others that day. Although these two teams currently have a long losing record, they have matched up against each other quite well. The Houston Texans currently lead the series 3-1 over the years, but have only won by a total margin of five points throughout the series. Their three previous games have all been won or lost by a touchdown or less, with one game going into overtime and being decided by a field goal. So even though these teams are not the best in the league, the matchup between them will be quite close.

Dallas Cowboys vs. Washington Football Team

This is yet another matchup between two teams who are not necessarily the best in the league, but have quite a long history of playing against one another. This is a huge rivalry and some consider it to be one of the greatest in sports, and even the top rivalry in the history of the NFL. Now these teams do have some news surrounding them, including some quarterback trouble in Dallas. With the loss of Dak Prescott, Andy Dalton was called upon to step up until he recently battled with COVID-19. Although he says that he is still feeling the effects from the virus, he has been cleared to play and will be ready to go by Thanksgiving Day. The only news about the Washington football team, is their name as they seem to be considering making the name permanent. Overall, this is one of the big rivalries that will be played that day and it should also be a pretty even game.

Now these are just football games and they are played any given Sunday, so do not forget to spend some quality time with your loved ones. It is a holiday after all, so do not make football the top priority. If you cannot sit behind a television screen all day to watch the game, do not worry about it! Go enjoy time with the people you love! Either way it will be a fun Thanksgiving full of some great football.

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