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The NBA Targets December 22nd As Potential Start Date

by | Nov 9, 2020 | Sports

The NBA may just return before Christmas this year. Are you ready?

Their 2021-2022 season will include 72 games, allowing the NBA to get somewhat close to its normal 82-game schedule by starting in December and ending in June. Starting the season right before Christmas would be a beneficial gain in generating a substantial revenue after these past few months of isolation that halted many opportunities to get fans closer to their favorite basketball athletes. The expected difference between starting in December or starting in January is roughly $500 million in revenue.

Although the goal is to have fans back in the arenas, there currently isn’t any news available on the attendance of fans for the start of this season since the rising number of COVID-19 cases has been and will continue to be a serious matter.

There were 171 games canceled due to coronavirus since they closed operations in March. Now, one fo the most influential parts in the decision of when they’ll resume their games is the finalization of the NBA draft, which is scheduled for Nov. 18. Christmas games are one of the most anticipated games for the players and the fans all over the world.

A few athletes including Lakers’ Danny Green have voiced their opinions on the start date, mentioning that it may place a couple of difficulties for athletes to start if they go for the December 22nd date. NBA finalists Los Angeles Lakers and Miami Heat haven’t had enough time to recover, having just won the championship only a few weeks ago.

“Certainly, it creates some challenges,’’ Mavericks owner Mark Cuban told The Post. “But challenging times require adaptation. I have no doubt we will be fine.”

As more decisions are made, we’ll keep you updated on everything we know about the NBA comeback we’ve all been waiting for!


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