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Tyson Fury Gives Jake and Logan Paul Credit for Boxing Skills, Contribution to the Sport

by | Jul 6, 2021 | Sports

Since taking on the world of boxing, influencers Jake and Logan Paul have had plenty of slander thrown their way from the pros. But following Logan Paul’s 8 round exhibition with Floyd Mayweather and Jake Paul’s KO win over former UFC fighter Ben Askren, at least one professional is giving credit where credit is due.

Tyson Fury spoke with TMZ over the weekend and when Jake Paul came up, he didn’t shy away from giving his opinion.

“I think he’s a decent fighter,” he told TMZ.

Fury didn’t stop there, he gave some props to Jake’s brother Logan as well saying, “I’ve been impressed with the Pauls though, the brothers. Both of them to be fair. Really good breath of fresh air to the boxing scene.”

Fury’s kind words to Logan and Jake differ heavily from some of his peers. Back in December famed boxer Canelo Alvarez called Jake Paul “disrespectful to the sport of boxing” in an interview with TMZ sports – even going so far to say Paul could lose his life in the ring.

Jake Paul will have his next boxing match against former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley on August 28th . His brother Logan has yet to announce his next fight.

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