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Vetements Releases 165 New Looks For Fashion Week 2021

by | Jan 27, 2021 | Fashion

Vetements is known for going against the grain. Their uniquely large jackets, Eastern European graphics, reclaimed ’80s tailoring, and ultra neon bodysuits cause a frenzy anywhere they appear with messages of statement and impact going against the conventional.

The popular fashion brand relies on sharing messages going against the status quo anytime they hit the fashion runways, lookbooks and clothing drops to setting trends in streetwear fashion. Regardless of how forward their clothing may be, they continue to emulate the fashionable looks keeping fans of the brand interested in their signature and recognizable garments including slouchy bomber jackets, barrel-chested suiting, cheeky slogan T-shirts and pooled jeans.

With over 165 new pieces to choose from. the large Fall/Winter 2021 collection is simply giving us the overwhelming option of choosing what works best in our closets.  Choose wisely.

Although Fashion Week will be set up a little differently this year, the looks are definitely something worth staying alert for as it hits the streets. Look out for their newest collection dropping on the Vetements’ website.

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