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Wearing A Balaclava Is Fashionable During The COVID-19 Pandemic

by | Feb 2, 2021 | Fashion

Amidst a pandemic and freezing winter temperatures across much of the United States, Americans are seeking new ways of keeping warm while continuing to protect themselves against COVID-19. Benefiting from this comes a classic piece of winter fashion – the Balaclava.

The Balaclava is similar to a ski mask although it lacks the opening for the mouth, thus giving many consumers the idea it can double as a face mask. Experts have warned against this notion, saying that the fashion accessory is not as effective at preventing the spread of covid-19.

Those warnings have not stopped the climb in sales however, as outdoor retailer REI has seen a forty percent jump in sales for the accessory compared with last year. Large retailers aren’t the only ones benefiting from the trendy winter-piece, Russel Westbrook’s fashion label ​Honor the Gift​ (HTG) has released their own version as well. Selling for fifty dollars, HTG’s piece takes inspiration from racing decals. Westbrook himself has been seen sporting it lately.

Westbrook’s Balaclava was actually released some months back with his third collection for Honor the Gift. You can read our story on that ​here​.

Only time will tell if the Balaclava resurgence of 2021 will be a fad of the times, or if the winter hat is here to stay for good. For now, at least it’s keeping us warm and fashionable through the health crisis and cold temperatures.

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