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Wes Iwundu Transforms Garage Into New Music Studio

by | May 21, 2020 | Music

Wes has definitely used this time off the court wisely over quarantine. Not only has he released a new song and visual with his best friend, EasilyFacts titled “Luv Me” but he’s also switched up the vibe inside his Orlando home garage.

“Man we were bored and really needed something to do. I had the idea for a while but never got a chance to actually complete it. We just got up one day and cleared everything and set it all up. It took us about one whole day to finish,” says Wes.

Wes and Facts used this new in-house studio to produce their track “Love Me”. The two have been making music together since middle school but this pandemic provided them the time freedom to really collaborate and produce a visual creatively together.

Wes explains, “I’ve always done music behind the scenes but I never really put it out there. We just made the song, caught the vibe, created the visual and really just wanted to show people what we’ve been up to during quarantine.”

Although creating music and building studios have provided an outlet for Wes during this time he’s also been reminding us that his style and love for streetwear hasn’t stopped just because he’s quarantined in the house. “I just like to be comfortable, and chill, that’s mostly my style,” says Wes. Check out photos from his recent collab with MNML below.

When asked how he plans to tie in music, fashion, and basketball in the future he let us know just how deep his long term vision goes. “I love streetwear and expressing myself through clothes, so I definitely want to one day design my own clothes and build a streetwear brand. I also want to start a record label and sign a few artists. In basketball I’d love to give back by being a mentor or even as a coach. These are all ideas I’ve kept in the back of my mind that I want to see come to life one day.”


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