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What It’s Like Attending an MLB Game During Covid-19

by | Apr 24, 2021 | Sports

With the MLB season underway, fans are finally allowed to return to baseball stadiums around the league. After having gone over a year without a chance to attend a professional baseball game, ACT correspondent Jake Borsting made his way to CitiField in Queens to report on the realities of attending a sporting event in the midst of a pandemic.

The parking lot of CitiField was nearly empty when I stepped off the subway fifteen minutes prior to the first pitch. As rain droplets sprinkled down from the grey clouded sky, I followed a small group of fans towards the front gates.

Even at a baseball game, you can’t escape reminders of COVID-19. On my way to the entrance, I passed a large white tent serving as a testing center. A vaccination site was also on the stadium premises.

Informative signs lined the walkway towards the park’s entrance. The signs display blunt warnings regarding COVID-19, informing attendees coronavirus is a “deadly disease”. Other signage detailing the Mets’ health and safety guidelines are also displayed throughout the facility.

Once at security, fans must present proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test prior to entry. All covid test results must be through a rapid test taken within six hours of the game, After these documents are presented, your temperature is taken. A routine security check then takes place. A face mask is also required to be worn during the entirety of the event.

The stadium is currently operating at a 20% occupancy, so there’s plenty of legroom in the stands. Tickets are being sold within “clusters” of 1-6 seats. Each cluster is spaced at least six feet apart from the other.

Sure, it’s a little different experiencing a live sporting event in the midst of a global pandemic. Temperature checks, on-site vaccinations and a nearly empty stadium… it isn’t the typical ballpark experience. But after months without seeing some live sports – I’ll take what I can get.

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