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Where To Buy NFTs: 3 Marketplaces For First Time Investors

by | May 4, 2021 | Collectibles

NFTs, also known as non fungible tokens, are all the hype recently. Top tier athletes like Tom Brady and Terrell Owens have begun their own NFT businesses. The NBA has launched their own NFT platform. Topps, the trading card company, is launching an NFT venture. Everyone is getting in on non fungible tokens.

Amidst this wave of NFT hype, you may be wondering where you can buy yourself a non fungible token. Look no further! Here are three NFT marketplaces for the first time buyer. Find which one is right for you!

The Collector:

The largest NFT marketplace on the market, OpenSea features all kinds of NFTs. From digital art, celebrity collections and sports memorabilia, there truly is something for everyone. The website works similarly to eBay, giving you the ability to both purchase and sell NFTs through the platform.

OpenSea is user-friendly, making it a great option for first time NFT buyers. The site provides clear instructions for establishing an Ether wallet, downloading and uploading NFTs, as well as the sales process.

With a wide variety of NFT types, OpenSea is the ideal marketplace for collectors interested in finding unique non fungible tokens across a multitude of genres.

The Hype Beast: SuperRare

SuperRare distinguishes itself from the rest of the NFT market by offering only one of a kind NFT. While most NFTs are minted in limited quantities, those offered on SuperRare are all one-of-ones, making them extremely collectible.

The marketplace focuses on eye-catching digital art pieces that often incorporate visual effects. Currently in early access, all the NFTs on the service are the products of artists hand-picked by SuperRare.

If you are looking for a way to secure bragging rights, an NFT on SuperRare could be your best bet!

The NBA Superfan: NBA Top Shot

The NBA has found immense success in the NFT space thus far with their marketplace NBA Top Shot. Top Shot sells ‘moments’ in virtual packs to users of its service. Each ‘moment’ is minted in a limited quantity and uniquely identified through the blockchain.

Some of these NBA-branded NFTs have sold for over $200,000 and demand for the service is at an all time high. Because of its official licensing from the NBA and the acceptance of credit and debit cards in addition to cryptocurrency, the service is a favorite amongst sports collectors.

A collaborative endeavour with blockchain company Dapper, NBA Top Shot had generated over $280 million in sales as of February 2021 according to CNBC. The service has grown so popular, sign ups are currently closed.

If you’re looking for a basketball NFT, this is the marketplace for you.

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