Willie Cauley-Stein–the Artist

by | Sep 10, 2020 | Collectibles

As a young kid in Kansas, William Cauley-Stein’s grandmother always encouraged him to explore his passion for art. 

At the age of nine, his grandmother placed him in art classes at school to feed his creative mindset. 

Today, Cauley-Stein is most passionate about creating celebrity portraits. “I want to do a Kobe (Bryant) piece, and I want to do a (Michael) Jordan piece, “ Cauley- Stein says. “I want to do a whole series– just a bunch of great legends that inspired me when I was growing up. It’s in the works.” 

Take a look at Cauley-Stein’s previous celebrity artwork and click here to read more on his background in art and plans for the future. 

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