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Young Atlanta Designer Cosigned By LeBron James and Young Thug

by | Nov 4, 2020 | Fashion

Clothing brand owners, how would you get your clothes in front of A-list celebrities all year round?

Ferris, owner of Do Not Disturb, knew the only way he was going to get his clothes in front of the celebrities he admired was by reaching out to them and their teams consistently through Instagram.

Inspired by Ferris’ love for meditation, he started Do Not Disturb back in June 2019 with clothing items ranging from $350 tie-dyed hoodies to $500 bleached sweatsuits. The graphic T-shirts cost between $55 to $75. The bright colors included on the graphics give an ode to the seven Chakras and passion for fashion inspired by his parents’ own style.

“I just wanted to get it in front of them because even before I started this whole brand the biggest person I wanted in my clothes was Young Thug,” Ferris told Complex. “I was on Instagram everyday trying to reach out to his circle. Sometimes you don’t hear back, sometimes you hear back. Somebody sends you to this or that person. So, I was just staying on it everyday.”

After receiving accolades from Thug’s stylist Zoe Dupree in the summer of 2019, Young Thug quickly appeared wearing the raspberry-colored hoodie on stage at the Sumol Summer Fest in Portugal.

Since then, LeBron James has appeared in a graphic T-shirt designed by Ferris paying homage to Muhammad Ali on the day he revealed his first Wheaties box to the world. Other influential beings who rocked his designs include Miami Heat’s Tyler Herro, NFL star Saquon Barkley, Disney Channel’s Skas Jackson, Jonathan “The Food God” Cheban, and many more.

We’re glad Ferris had the opportunity to meet Young Thug in person and speak about his journey with Do Not Disturb! Check out the collection here and follow him on Instagram!

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