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Youtuber Spend $70,000 USD on the Worlds Largest PS5

by | Feb 7, 2021 | Entertainment

Popular YouTuber ZHC released a video this week featuring the world’s largest PS5. The video, which has already accumulated over 8 million views, features a functioning ten foot tall Playstation that weighs over 500 pounds. Adding to the craziness – it came with an equally proportional controller – which also is functional.

While it remains unclear the origin of the massive console – the Youtuber did leave a comment claiming “This has been confirmed as the world’s largest fully functioning PS5+ controller (not a prop)”. Whether that means Sony had anything to do with this version of the console’s creation has not been confirmed.

Regardless, the video is entertaining, as the Youtuber and his friends team up on the controls of the massive controller in an attempt to play Minecraft.

The video isn’t the only to go viral in the past week. With Super Bowl Sunday upon us – Michael B. Jordan’s Amazon Alexa ad has been making waves across the internet. Feel free to read our story on the raunchy new commercial ​here.

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