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Yung Bleu Releases Collab With Drake On “You’re Mines Still” Remix

by | Oct 19, 2020 | Music

Yung Bleu woke up one morning to a missed Facetime call from Drake. What happened next will inspire any independent artist to continue putting in the work.

As someone who’s been releasing music since 2013 and has worked with high-profile artists including Lil Durk, YFN Lucci, Wiz Khalifa, and Kevin Gates, this year was a whole different vibe with the release of his newest EP Love Scars: The Five Stages of Emotion. 

After the release of Love Scars: The Five Stages of Emotion earlier this October, a confessional EP taking us on a journey of love through the eyes of the most toxic post-relationship guy in the world, Yung Bleu and NBA player/creator of Boogie’s Comedy Slam DeMarcus Cousins knew a collab with Drake would take it to the next level. 

The Mobile, Alabama native instantly rejoiced with a completed verse from Drake for his lead track “You’re Mines Still” and as we’d all say, the rest is history. 

“I took you to the club and you hugged on somebody that I know,” raps Drake. “And I know them type of hugs/ Same shit I do to women when I know I used to fuck/ And I know they with they n***a, but they never brought it up.”

Falling in love with the one you’d do anything for will change your life. In “You’re Mines Still,” Yung Bleu admits how he misses a specific female after their breakup but knowing that her heart is in the process of healing, he backs off. He yearns for her love, telling her not to build a life without him, cause “you’re mines still.”

Now a fan favorite, the emotive singer and rapper is establishing himself as a prolific artist running on the high of how his music is appreciated by the rest of the world. “You’re Mines Still” just reached #9 on Apple Music as of October 18, 2020. Listen to the full EP Love Scars: The Five Stages of Emotion on all streaming platforms!

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